Handsome Coffee Roaster

Aeropress kit video

This last August (2013) I had the privilege to work with my friends Neph and Becky Trejo on a project for Handsome Coffee Roasters. It was an awesome experience working with friends and we had a lot of fun during production. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new awesome people down in Los Angeles that I can now consider friends.

If you keep up to date on the coffee culture you may have just heard the news over the last few days that Handsome Coffee has been bought by the Oakland coffee company Blue Bottle Coffee Co. yesterday. Which means that the Handsome Coffee brand will be changed into Blue Bottle branding. It was a great privilege to have the opportunity to experience this unique coffee shop in the Arts District, and have an opportunity to make a video to help promote one of their products.

We haven’t been able to release the project until now. It’s been sitting on a hard drive since because of the music that we chose to work with. We never were able to obtain rights to the music to release the short film under Handsome Coffee. I will however plug the music by Junip, “Sweet & Bitter” (buy the song on iTunes). We couldn’t find a song that was better suited for the branding at Handsome Coffee than the song by Junip.

So knowing that there is no future for this video in the hands of Handsome Coffee I wanted to share it with you as I am releasing it to share on my portfolio. Please enjoy our labor and then go get yourself a cup of handcrafted coffee near you! Share the video too

Handsome Coffee Roaster Travel Coffee Kit by 3sixteen + Teranishi

Directed by NEPH TREJO
Shot & Edited by WILL FOSTER
Music by Junip “Sweet & Bitter”
Special Thanks: APOLIS / Bobby / Skandia

Filmed in August 2013 in Arts District of Los Angeles.

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