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Medium Format Analog Photography with the Hasselblad

In October 2015 something miraculous happened to me. Something that I had dreamed of finally came true. After shooting for nearly ten years digitally, I got my hands on my first film camera. Not just any camera, but the famed medium format Hasselblad 500c/m! It was under very special circumstances that I acquired the camera, […]

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December 2015 I was assigned to photograph two Seattle breweries for the BeerAdvocate magazine. I am an advocate for how great beer tastes so I was very excited to take this on! The breweries that I had to photograph were not far apart. Lucky Envelope Brewery was opened in 2015 and located in the Ballard […]

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Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel


The Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel team asked Stephen Jones from Black Anchor Workshop and I to share some moments away with our friends to Leavenworth. Stephen wrote up a beautiful outlook on the weekend while I supplied the visuals. We were joined by other makers like ourselves including his wife Ally, our friends Joe and […]

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Slate Coffee Roasters


A small collection of photos while I was commissioned to create photographs and run Instagram for Slate Coffee Roasters, a Seattle coffee roaster with multiple store fronts around Seattle. These photos have been published in local, national, and international print and web publications. It was a great honor to work with them for a short […]

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Fresh Cup Magazine

Full Page photo in Fresh Cup!

I teamed up with baristas and outdoor enthusiasts Bethany Hargrove and Megan O’Connell from Portland who wrote an article for Fresh Cup Magazine. I had the great privilege to add photographs to their article. I met up with them in Olympia, WA in a park and spent a few hours hanging out and taking photos. […]

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Moment Lens

I was commissioned in February 2014 to produce a video for Moment featuring their new mobile phone lens using footage from when they filmed their Kickstarter video and some additional footage. The video would be narrated by Michael Thomas, the lens designer and co-founder of Moment, to tell the story of the manufacturing process. The […]

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Microsoft Living Well Health Center

Commissioned by NBBJ in 2012 to film and edit a video for an installation for Microsoft in Redmond, WA. The project was the first time that I worked with a Red Epic camera and exclusively editing with Adobe After Effects. Editing consumed about a month of my life but it was well worth it. Being […]

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Brimmer & Heeltap / How We Ramen

Brimmer & Heeltap is one of my favorite places to frequent in Ballard. Delicious foods, drinks and the menu changes all the time. Always an adventure with food! Jen and Mike gave me an opportunity to film some shots from their special Sunday dish, Ramen. This amazingly tasty rendition with homemade noodles, pork belly, soft […]

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The City / Be The Light

I was commissioned around 2011 to film and edit footage used for a timeless promotional video for The City, an online social network specifically for churches, featuring the way the network can help bring people together. The video is featured on the front and center of their web page. One of the more challenging projects […]

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