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Director & Cinematographer Reel

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“A Few Good Hearts” LP Kickstarter Campaign for Tyler Edwards
Role: Filmed and Edited. Visit the Kickstarter Campaign here.
“Handsome Coffee Roaster” Bag Promo
Role: Filmed and Edited.
The Pantheon Masquerade Presented By Jagermeister
Role: Filmed By
“Moment Lens – Kickstarter – Designing The Lens”
Role: Dialog Audio, Editing, Directed, extra lens application shots.
Role: Directed, Filmed, Audio and Edited.
“Microsoft Wellness Center – Exmaple 1”
Role: Filmed, Edited, Motion Graphics and Colored. (Read More About This Project)
“Singly Customer Review”
Role: Directed, filmed and edited.
“Ralph Harvey – Aging Out of Foster Care”
Role: Directed and Filmed.