The City / Be The Light

December 13, 2011


Loading The City / Be The Light

The City / Be The Light

I was commissioned around 2011 to film and edit footage used for a timeless promotional video for The City, an online social network specifically for churches, featuring the way the network can help bring people together. The video is featured on the front and center of their web page.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 2.57.28 PM

One of the more challenging projects to be part of but very fulfilling. I started working on this project shortly after living in Seattle for my first year and was definitely my first large project working with a creative agency. The stills of the devices and computer screens were all photographed by me over the course of a few days. Animations were provided by an animator. I then tweaked the animations in After Effects (one of my first times ever working in AE) to fix the pace of the video for readability and colored the shots to give each a more distinct appearance.

Here’s the video:

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