Microsoft Living Well Health Center

December 13, 2012


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Microsoft Living Well Health Center

Commissioned by NBBJ in 2012 to film and edit a video for an installation for Microsoft in Redmond, WA. The project was the first time that I worked with a Red Epic camera and exclusively editing with Adobe After Effects. Editing consumed about a month of my life but it was well worth it. Being my first installation project it got a lot of attention at the architecture firm as it received some international design attention as well as regarded as one of the more innovative projects at the architecture firm for that year.


The project was to create a video to be displayed on three 42″ screens with minimal bezel between to appear as one large wide screen. We filmed in almost exclusive 5k at 96fps to create lifelike but sub-real slow motion footage. We needed all the resolution we could get considering the resolution of the screens 1:1 resolution was 5760px by 1080px which even with the Red Epic shooting at 5k there was not enough resolution to produce a video at 1:1 ratio of the screens.


Here’s the text from the post on NBBJ’s web page about the project:

For the Living Well Health Center, NBBJ designed an exhibit to engage patients with a message that transforms the typical focus of medicine – with its emphasis on “intervention” and fighting disease – into a promotion of life-long wellness and health.

The Living Well Health Center is a Microsoft-run outpatient clinic catering exclusively to employees of the company’s Redmond campus. To reduce the anxiety many feel when seeing a medical professional, the design team created a “positive distraction” in the waiting room, an installation that creates an atmosphere of wellness and progressive care. In an illuminated wall niche, simple, familiar objects – a bicycle, an oar, children’s toys, a flashlight – are paired with statistics related to health and exercise.

The exhibit wall culminates in a super-high-resolution, 5700-pixel-wide video screen, where an 18-minute-long video installation, filmed by NBBJ, conveys similar information in a graphic, playful style. Paired with the object installation, the video is an art piece blurring the lines between digital and physical. The result is a waiting area with a vibrant, modern energy, one that engages visitors with a thought-provoking message about healthy living.

Here’s a small portion of the video in the aspect ratio of the final video:

Here’s a clip of the tree that we filmed by taking a Red Epic out to the Arboretum here in Seattle and held a blue piece of paper behind it reacting to the wind. The clip is 1:1 of just the far right screen (You can see it in the photo above):

Some photos of the space and production:






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