Stoup Brewing Upstairs Taproom

August 16, 2017


Loading Stoup Brewing Upstairs Taproom

Stoup Brewing Upstairs Taproom

Stoup Brewing commissioned me to create a graphic for a wall for their new upstairs taproom in collaboration with Sean Sifagaloa, of KRFTWRK.

The project would be inspired by the wall downstairs in their brewery and main taproom. A wall that is literally alive, created by wheat-pasting posters and using stickers to build a wall with content from the brewery as well as inspiring breweries and old beer advertisements and many stickers added by visitors.

Using content that I’ve created and their other collaborators I had a huge canvas to fill.

The wall dimensions of 369W x 118H (in inches) made for a very daunting task. I wanted to make sure that the wall looked great from across the room, as well as standing right next to it. I knew that people would be all over in the room so all perspectives had to be the best quality, to match the quality of the rest of the room, as well as the beer that would be served in the room.

The content on this wall comes from many people, including myself, and I had the great privilege to bring it all together for one huge collection. Seeing it come together was a beautiful experience experiencing a collective of people’s work together to represent one brewery.

The new space opened up to the public, go and see it for yourself!

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