March 21, 2016


Loading BeerAdvocate


December 2015 I was assigned to photograph two Seattle breweries for the BeerAdvocate magazine.

I am an advocate for how great beer tastes so I was very excited to take this on!

The breweries that I had to photograph were not far apart. Lucky Envelope Brewery was opened in 2015 and located in the Ballard neighborhood. Holy Mountain Brewery opened in is located in Interbay. I visited both breweries one afternoon and captured a collection of photos for the magazine to choose from.

One of the biggest challenges was the short timeline.

I had only a couple days to plan, shoot and deliver and Sunday was the only day available to shoot. Which is not an ideal time to shoot a brewery considering the brewers may not be present. Had to shoot both breweries in one day, couldn’t wait around for ideal lighting conditions, had to shoot as-is.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites from those photos.

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